UPSv3 & USPSv4

Buy our new USPSv4 99-100% Successrate with cheaper price!

You can deposit through the website, or via paypal by contacting support (
Risks include label being blacklisted and therefore package being held, or with international that the taxes doesn't get paid at customs clearance. If you use sender details, you risk getting billed (0.5% chance?), to prevent that just use different name at minimum, preferably different address too.
FEDEX USA: 95-98% depending on label type. Ground delivery & 2-day is next to it to be the safest.
USPSV4 USA: 95-98% success rate too.
FEDEX INTL: 93% success to, within, or between US, UK, EU, CA. For Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, Middle East, Australia, South America y ou can count with 88-90% success rate. For INDIA you can count with 85-75% success rate.
Yes, but if account bound to the label dies at customs clearance you will have to step in paying them to fix the issue.
You can on USPSV4 through website, for FEDEX we don't recommend it for anywhere else besides USA.
If your label dies, gets stuck long times, or similar. In a lot of cases we refund for mistypes, wrong weights and similar too when you create the label.
We can't do much, besides refunding you and if the loss is a lot we can add extra on top of that to your account. We don't provide any "insurances" for compensation besides that.
No, sometimes it just takes some time or it will get delivered without calculating that.
USPSV4, 5-10 min. FEDEX, 5-15 min. FEDEX INTL, up to 1 business day.
In a transparent shipping pouch attached to the package.
You can google 'max dimension (insert carrier label type)' and you will get all your answers.
If you expect lots of orders, we set default prices for resellers to $20 fedex, $10 uspsv4 and lower after volume of orders. If you want to access the api you have the link at the dashboard, and you can contact our support for recommendations on developers.